Vote for a fairer, greener, safer Leckhampton today

The polls have now closed.

Today, Thursday 5 May, expect another close race in Leckhampton between the Conservatives and local Lib Dem councillor Martin Horwood. The last time this seat was contested in 2018, Martin was just 13 votes ahead of the Conservatives so every vote here really counts! Greens and Labour have always come third or fourth here.

Since his election in 2018, Martin has worked tirelessly for:

A fairer Leckhampton with more affordable housing including 40% of any new private development and new council housing for rent across town. These will now include our first zero carbon council and private homes with lower fuel bills built in. And Martin has argued for a local catchment for our new secondary school so local kids stop missing out.

Martin’s the greenest candidate in this election, not just complaining about climate change but actually delivering results: successfully pushing developers to build more zero carbon homes and winning funds for renewable energy at Burrow’s.

A greener Leckhampton with record recycling, more renewable energy, a plan to get Cheltenham to net zero by 2030 and 26 hectares of our Local Green Space here finally protected by the Lib Dem Local Plan after decades of campaigning. Martin won funds for renewable energy at Burrow’s Field and has successfully pushed developers to bring forward more zero carbon homes – and opposed it when they didn’t. It’s easy to call yourself ‘Green’. Martin actually delivers!

Martin always keeps in touch – not just at election time!

A safer Leckhampton. Martin has repeatedly lobbied the Conservative County Council highways authority to do more on dangerous pavement and corner parking and to provide safer roads, walking and cycling routes – especially once the new school opens.

So vote wisely on 5 May. The polling stations are open 7am-10pm. For more information on where to vote – or if you need a lift to vote – call 01242 224889.

Author: Martin Horwood

Lib Dem councillor for Leckhampton, ex-MP for Cheltenham and ex-MEP for South West England & Gibraltar

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