Thank you Leckhampton!

Thank you to everyone in Leckhampton who voted in yesterday’s local election. Thank you for putting me top of the poll here again and putting your trust in me to represent you as your borough councillor for another term. Leckhampton was just one of 18 Lib Dem wins across Cheltenham while the party celebrated more than 190 council seat gains across England.

Parliamentary candidate Max Wilkinson leads the Lib Dem celebration. These results mean he has a great chance of being Cheltenham’s next MP.

My majority over the Conservatives was just 13 votes four years ago but did increase a bit this time! After an unusually aggressive anti-Lib Dem campaign, the Green Party came third with a reduced vote compared to last year’s election.

During the campaign I promised to keep working for a fairer, greener, safer Leckhampton and I’m determined to do just that.

Thanks again for your support!


Author: Martin Horwood

Lib Dem councillor for Leckhampton, ex-MP for Cheltenham and ex-MEP for South West England & Gibraltar

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