Meetings with government representatives, lobby groups, companies and others

In order to be transparent about my work in the European Parliament, I am publishing a record of all my meetings directly as a result of my work as an MEP from my election in May 2019 until just after Brexit in January 2020. It does not include the large number of routine or social meetings with my own or prospective staff, colleagues in the UK Liberal Democrat party or meetings with other MEPs or European Parliamentary staff such as my colleagues in ALDE and the Renew Europe group or regular parliamentary committee, group or delegation meetings but reasonable details of these can be provided on request. Nor does it include every media contact during my time as an MEP but a summary of these is given at the end of the page.

Julie Girling MEP (14/6/2019)

Meeting with outgoing South West MEP Julie Girling to discuss practicalities such as staffing, travel and committee places.

Graham Watson (25/6/2019)

Social meeting with friend and former South West MEP & ALDE leader, also the representative of the Gibraltar government in Brussels.

UK mission to the EU (26/6/2019 & subsequent occasions)

Met the official representatives of the UK Government in Brussels, principally to discuss the state of Brexit votes and negotiations but also Iran.

Tibet Interest Group, Office of Tibet (26/6/2019, 22/1/2020)

Meetings with MEPs supportive of the Tibetan cause and also representatives of the Office of Tibet in Brussels and visiting Tibetan officials.

Ursula von der Leyen (10/7/19)

Exchange of views with then prospective President of the European Commission, along with other memebers of the Renew Europe group.

Michel Barnier (16/7/2019)

Exchange of views with lead negotiator for the EU on Brexit, along with other members of the the Liberal Democrat European parliamentary party.

Globe EU (16/7/2019)

Reception with representatives of organisations working in sustainable development such as WWF, UN Environment programme, UNESCO, World Bank group, UNICEF, Birdlife International and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Charles Michel (23/7/2019)

Met incoming President of the European Council along with delegation leaders and presidency members of the Renew Europe group.

Office of the Government of Gibraltar (23/7/2019, 21/1/2020)

Meeting to discuss implications of various Brexit scenarios for Gibraltar, along with Green MEP for the South West Molly Scott Cato. later meeting was to discuss a constituent’s complaint relating to disability policies in Gibraltar.

3Million (23/7/2019)

Met group lobbying for the rights of EU citizens within the UK, along with other members of the Liberal Democrat European parliamentary party.

British Horseracing Authority (24/7/2019)

Discussed the impact the Brexit might have on horseracing and animal welfare.

Safran Landing Systems (14/08/2019)

Study visit to learn about a local employer and the likely impact of Brexit on the business.

Cornwall Council (23/8/2019)

Briefing on Cornwall, the work of the European Union in the region and the impact of Brexit on the region.

Newquay Community Orchard (23/8/2019)

Visit to see EU-funded community enterprise.

Council of the Scilly Isles (27/8/2019)

Briefing on the islands’ economy and challenges including healthcare, travel and the prospect of Brexit.

Cheltenham for Europe (29/8/2019 & subsequent occasions including 31/1/2020)

Meetings & rallies to protest against the prorogation of Parliament. Subsequent anti-Brexit meetimngs and demonstrations.

Members of USR/Plus alliance (7-9/9/2019)

Social meetings with members of Romanian Renew Europe party Plus and ally USR during RE Presidency away-day hosted by RE & Plus leader Dacian Cioloș.

Honda (14/09/2019)

Briefing about Honda and their business activities, including transition to greener technology and the impact of Brexit on the business.

Remainer Now (15/9/2019)

Speaking engagement with members of Remainer Now anti-Brexit group during Liberal Democrat autumn conference.

Kangaroo Group (24/9/2019)

Discussed Security and Defence Sub-committee priorities over a working lunch with this pro-European lobby group and the chair & members of the committee.

World Uyghur Congress (24/9/2019)

Briefing on human rights situation in Xinjiang.

HE Peiman Seadat, Ambassador of Iran to the EU

Meeting to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and human rights issues in Iran.

International Campaign for Tibet (25/9/2019)

Meeting to discuss joint action on human rights in China by various groups.

Bristol & Bath Brussels Office & University of Bristol (02/10/19)

Introduction to the B&B Brussels Office representing west country councils and universities, discussed the University of Bristol’s research capacity and links with Europe.

Generation Climate Europe & Youth for Climate (02/10/2019)

Roundtable discussion with Generation Climate Europe on how the Parliament can better engage with young people on environmental issues.

International House & Business West roundtable (4/10/2019)

Lunch then meeting with Business West and key business and industry stakeholders in the west to discuss Brexit impact on their businesses alongside Caroline Voaden MEP. Introduced to host International House language school.

Climate & pro-European youth activists from the west Midlands & members of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Folk Ensemble (8/10/2019)

Making a song and dance about staying in the EU, hosted by Ellie Chowns MEP

Bill Gates (9/10/2019)

Hosted by the Finnish EU Presidency, discussed the agenda of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, specifically investment in health and education of young people in Africa, with other members of the DEVE and ITRE committees.

South West Members of the UK youth Parliament (9/10/2019)

Discussing the role of MEPs and MYPs, Brexit and youth politics

European Centre for Democracy & Human Rights (10/10/2019, 6/11/2019, 23/1/2020)

Discussing the human rights situation in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & Yemen.

European Space Agency (15/10/2019)

Renew Europe study visit to the European Space Agency in Darmstadt.

GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung (15/10/19)

Renew Europe study visit to GSI Helmholtz centre for Heavy Ion Research and the construction site of the FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) particle accelerator.

Members of the Free Democratic Party (15/10/2019)

Social meeting with members of German sister party the FDP, hosts of the Renew Europe group meeting, Frankfurt

European Investment Bank (16/10/2019)

Renew Europe discussion with the European Investment Bank President Werner Hoyer on the work of the EIB.

EP-Taiwan Friendship Group (17/10/2019)

Brief attendance at reception to promote links between Taiwan and the European Parliament.

Remainer Now (17/10/19)

Hosted Remainer Now, a group that represents former Leave voters who now oppose Brexit, alongside Caroline Voaden MEP.

Millenifest (19/10/19)

Panel speaker at a public event in Bristol on policy relating to young people.

House of Lords EU Committee (23/10/2019)

Discussed the ongoing Brexit negotiations and the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

Taiwan Representative to the EU and Belgium (24/10/2019)

Met with Ambassador Harry Tseng and Foreign Deputy Minister Hsieh to discuss recent developments in East Asia.

Royal Society (31/10/2019)

Brieifing from the Director, Dr Julie Maxton, on the implications of Brexit for British science.

Cecilia Wikström (5/11/2019)

Meeting with a former MEP and candidate for the post of European Ombudsman.

Office of Tibet (06/11/2019, 21/1/2020)

Met with a representative from Office of Tibet and visiting members of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile. Later meeting was a ‘thank you’ lunch for support for Tibet.

Third Generation Environmentalism (06/11/2019)

Met with a senior policy advisor from E3G to discuss EU energy policy.

Turkish Cypriot parliamentary delegation (6/11/2019)

Discussed progress in peace process with delegation of parliamentarians from Turkish Northern Cyprus.

Chipping Campden Council (10/11/2019)

Met members and clerk of the council at annual Remembrance Day event.

CAFOD and partner Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (12/11/2019)

Discussed the protection of migrants and their access to justice, particularly Bangladeshi migrants to the Gulf states.

Young Visitors programme (13/11/2019, 29/1/2020)

Meetings & lunches with young visitors from the UK to the Parliament.

ActionAid, Oxfam, & Eurodad (13/11/2019)

Discussed corporate tax transparency and tax avoidance in developing countries with these development NGOs.

Action for Southern Africa (14/11/2019)

Met Senior Campaigns Officer at Action for Southern Africa to discuss their report “The Money Drain” which investigated the impact of illicit trade flows on economic and social rights in South Africa.

National Council of Resistance of Iran (19/11/2019)

Discussed EU-Iran relations and human rights in Iran.

Oman mission to the EU (19/11/2019)

Reception hosted by the Ambassador of Oman to the EU

Members of Venstre (20/11/2019)

Lunch with Jakob Ellemann, Chair of Danish sister party Venstre, and Inger Støjberg, deputy chair, arranged by RE Presidency

European Coalition for Corporate Justice (20/11/2019)

Discussed the human rights and environmental impact of business in the area of international development.

Members of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile (20/11/2019)

Discussed recent developments in Tibet.

Tellisford Mill (21/11/2019)

Visited the mill to learn more about micro-hydropower projects, which Horizon 2020 funds across Europe.

Ambassador of Turkey to the EU (26/11/2019)

Meeting to discuss EU-Turkey relations including accession negotiations.

EU Visitors Programme (27/11/2019)

Meeting with aspiring journalist from developing country, arranged by the Commission/EP EU Visitors Programme.

Concord Europe (27/11/2019)

Meeting with the Director of Concord Europe, the confederation of European Relief and Development NGOs to introduce me to Concord’s work.

Global TB Caucus (3/12/2019)

Meeting to rejoin the Global TB caucus and discuss promotion of the Global Fund and other issues.

Facebook (3/12/2019)

Dinner & discussion with Nick Clegg on technology and regulation in the EU, including use and abuse of Facebook for political purposes. Arranged in partnership with the Lisbon Council think tank.

Medecins sans Frontières (4/12/2019)

Discussed EU development policy particularly in relation to health, access to medicines and poverty-related diseases.

Dr Cherry Miller, University of Tampere, Finland (13/12/2019)

Academic research interview

Brazilian human rights defenders (18/12/2019)

Hosted Brazilian human rights defenders and their representatives, candidates for the Sakharov human rights prize 2019, at a meeting of the Renew Europe international affairs working group.

The Restorers (18/12/2019)

Hosted Kenyan candidates for the Sakharov human rights prize 2019, anti-female genital mutilation campaigners and app developers the Restorers, at a meeting of the Renew Europe international affairs working group.

Richard Ratcliffe (15/1/2020)

Hosted Mr Ratcliffe (husband of Iranian detainee Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe) at a meeting of Renew Europe international affairs working group.

Representatives of Juan Guaidó of Venezuela (15/1/2020)

Hosted representatives of rightful President of Venezuela Juan Gaidó ata meeting of Renew Europe international affairs working group.

Ed Davey MP

Dinner with Sir Ed Davey MP, then acting leader of the UK Liberal Democrats.

European Air Safety Agency (22/1/2020)

To raise issues on behalf of Flight ET302 families and discuss the implications of Brexit for EASA, the UK and air safety.

British Council (27/1/2020)

Hosting meeting organised by UK’s cultural relations organisation to address issues of culture, education and international development.

Speakers and attendees at conference on Iran & the Middle East (28/1/2020)

Speakers François Nicollaud, former French ambassador to Iran; Seyed Hossein Mousavian, former Iranian ambassador & negotiator; Dr Rouzbeh Parsi, Swedish Institute of International Affairs; Ardavan Amir-Islani, French-Iranian lawyer; Dr Christine Cheng, King’s College London; Dr Abdulaziz Al Sager, Gulf Research Centre; Dr Anisseh Bassiri Tabrizi, Research Fellow at Royal United Services Institute. All hosted by myself and Nathalie Loiseau MEP.

Speakers & attendees at conference on the role of the EU in fighting TB (29/1/2020)

Speakers: Dr Bouke de Jong, Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine; Dr Arjon van Hengel and Guy Dargent, European Ccommission; Christina Birkmose; Scott Boule, Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB & Malaria; Janika Hauser, Results UK. All hosted by myself and Frédérique Ries MEP.

South West Regional Forum of the UK Youth Parliament (24/2/2020)

Speech about the European parliament, Brexit and young peoples’ involvement in politics.

Media contacts

Media contacts during my time as MEP included the BBC (including Newsnight, Sunday Politics, Points West, BBC Wiltshire, BBC Gloucestershire etc), ITV, Politico, Gibraltar Chronicle, Voice Media Group (Cornwall), Radio Scilly, Sunday Independent (west country), Talk Radio, the Breeze, Rudaw TV (Iraq), Somerset Live, SVT (Sweden) and LibDem Podcast (John Potter).