Meetings with interest groups

In order to be transparent about my work in the European Parliament, I am publishing a record of lobby/interest organisations that I meet with directly.

Kangaroo Group (24/9/2019)

Discussed the work of the Security and Defence Committee over a working lunch arranged by the Chair of the committee.

British Horseracing Authorities (24/7/2019)

Discussed the impact the Brexit might have on horseracing and animal welfare.

Cornwall Brussels Office (06/08/2019)

Briefing on Cornwall, the work the European Union is conducting in the region and the impact of Brexit on the region.

Safran Landing Systems (14/08/2019)

Study visit to learn about a local employer and the likely impact of Brexit on the business.

Honda (14/09/2019)

Briefing about Honda and their business activities, paying special attention to their green transition and the impact of Brexit on the business.

UnILiON Bristol & Bath Brussels Office & University of Bristol (02/10/19)

Discussed recent developments surrounding the University of Bristol’s research capacity.

Generation Climate Europe (02/10/2019)

Roundtable discussion with Generation Climate Europe on how the Parliament can better engage with young people on environmental issues.

Business West Roundtable (4/10/19)

Meeting with key business and industry stakeholders in the South West of England to discuss Brexit impact on their businesses alongside Caroline Voaden MEP.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (09/10/2019)

Discussed the future of EU-Africa relations and investment in health and education of young people in Africa.

European Space Agency (15/10/2019)

Renew Europe study visit to the European Space Agency in Darmstadt.

FAIR – Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe (15/10/19)

Renew Europe study visit to FAIR.

European Investment Bank (15/10/2019)

Renew Europe discussion with the European Investment Bank President Werner Hoyer on the work of the EIB.

European Investment Bank (16/10/2019)

Renew Europe discussion with the European Investment Bank President Werner Hoyer on the work of the EIB.

Remainer Now (17/10/19)

Hosted Remainer Now, a group that represents former Leave voters from the EU Referendum in 2016 who now support remaining in the European Union, in the European Parliament alongside Caroline Voaden MEP.

Millenifest (19/10/19)

Speaking as part of a panel at a public event on policy relating to young people.

House of Lords EU Select Committee (23/10/2019)

Discussed the ongoing Brexit negotiations and the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

Taiwan Representative to the EU and Belgium (24/10/2019)

Met with Ambassador Harry Tseng to discuss recent developments in the East Asia region.

Office of Tibet (06/11/2019)

Met with a representative from the ECDHR to discuss the developing human rights situation in Bahrain.

Third Generation Environmentalism (06/11/2019)

Met with a senior policy advisor from the E3G to discuss recent developments in EU energy

The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development and Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (12/11/2019)

Discussed the protection of migrants and their access to justice.

ActionAid, Oxfam, & Eurodad (13/11/2019)

Discussed corporate tax transparency and tax avoidance in developing countries.

Action for Southern Africa (14/11/2019)

Met Senior Campaigns Officer at Action for Southern Africa to discuss their report “The Money Drain” which investigated the impact of illicit trade flows on economic and social rights in South Africa.

National Council of Resistance of Iran (19/11/2019)

Discussed EU-Iran relations and human rights in Iran.

European Coalition for Corporate Justice (20/11/2019)

Discussed the human rights and environmental impact of business in the area of international development.

Members of the Tibetan Parliament (20/11/2019)

Discussed recent developments in Tibet.

Tellisford Mill (21/11/2019)

Visited the mill to learn more about hydropower projects, which Horizon 2020 funds across Europe.